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Welcome to PK Catering in Jönköping

You can find our catering business a stone’s throw from Juneporten in the same building as the Market Hall, with entrance from Nygatan.
For the lunch visitor, we have Jönköping’s freshest salad bar, and luxury sandwiches of various kinds.
For special order, call 036 124696 and request a quote.

Welcome in!


Catering in Jönköping, for everyday and party

We offer catering for all kinds of events, big and small.

Is it a wedding at the time, or maybe baptism? We have experience of delivering catering to all possible events; all in from weddings, baptisms, funerals, confirmation, hen parties, stag parties, excursions and parties. Particularly appreciated is our exotic plank which is perfect as a party food for weddings and christenings.

We have gluten-free and lactose-free, as well as completely vegetarian catering options. If you have a special request about your order, you are welcome to contact us, we always adapt to the customer’s wishes.

We deliver orders within central Jönköping, and outside the Jönköping area.
Delivery areas around Jönköping include Taberg, Hovslätt, Månsarp, Norrahammar, Huskvarna, Vättersnäs, Kaxholmen, Habo, Mullsjö, Bankeryd, Vaggeryd, Skillingaryd, etc.

salad-catering jönköping

Jönköping’s freshest salad bar


Plank-catering jönköping

Try one of our popular planks


sandwich cake-catering jönköping

Sandwiches for all occasions